The Truth About Online marketing

Internet marketing – finally… the Truth!

Since Internet marketing is one of my passions and has been for years, I keep my ear to the ground constantly for anything that will boost my online profits. This can be something completely new or something old that is new to me. By the way, very, very, few things are completely new.

Internet marketing and marketing in general has been refined to the point that there are few breakthroughs any more. There are time tested formulas of selling that have their roots going way back. Programs that work are usually slight variations of these formulas. Anyone who tells you something else is just trying to get you to part with your money.

That’s not to say there aren’t any new methods for squeaking a little more money out of a campaign. Just remember, everything is based on basic, tried and true selling premises. Sure there are new avenues for advertising coming along everyday, but learn the basic underlying selling premises and you’ll be able to capitalize on any new avenue at will.

With this in mind, it goes with saying the I purchase a lot of money-making packages just to see what they are all about. And to be completely honest, Internet marketing in general is so big that its impossible to know everything, so I usually pick up something from everything I purchase.

Does this mean everything I purchase is worth the price? Not to everyone. What it does mean is that most of them are worth the price to me. For instance, I’ll purchase an ebook regarding getting website traffic for $27. A full 99% of the material I already know, or have read somewhere else, or have tried and found that it did not work. That leaves 1% that was, not necessarily new, but new to me. I’ll take those one or two gems and work them into my projects and find that they do give me a handsome return on the $27 purchase.

The only problem is, I have been doing this for a long time and I know how to weed out the 99% that works only marginally, or not at all. Internet marketing is all about a learning process. People just starting out with that same $27 ebook will waste time and energy trying things that experienced marketers know do not work. Then, give up on their dream and go back to the 9 to 5 they hate.

I get sick and tired of every opportunity coming down the pike promising riches without work, without spending any money, and without even so much as a website! Take a step back when you’re reading these pitches. Then ask yourself how you can possibly do all the things promised when its obvious that the person making the offer worked their tail off putting the material and website together, most likely spent money outsourcing the sales copy, and obviously has a website with hosting and domain name expenses. Then ask yourself, what’s wrong with this picture?


The truth is, making your living from home on the Internet is definitely a solid possibility. However, it takes work, it takes time, and it takes money. You can in some cases trade time for money and start with very little money. But if you truly believe that you can be rich for free, why buy information telling you how to do it? Especially from someone who has obviously spent time, worked their tail off, and spent money to get you to buy the “program” from them.