Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy for all sites under the and sites umbrella (,,,,… etc.)


Sending email to people who have not specifically requested it is SPAM, period. This provision also includes, but is not limited to SPAM sent via fax, instant messaging, or usenet/newsgroups or any other method of communication.

Any affiliate of any of our sites found to be using SPAM to promote any of our offers will immediately be terminated. PERIOD!

Report Spam NOW : If you believe that you have received SPAM promoting one of our websites, please send a complaint from the email account that received the SPAM along with the complete unsolicited email, and complete header to:spam-at-kengoods-dot-com (replace the -at- with @ and -dot- with .) I have to fight spam too! 🙁

Please provide any/all information that you believe will help in our investigation.

Take Note: We do not entertain “anonymous” SPAM complaints. Please be as specific as possible in your email.

Need to Contact Me?

The most reliable way to contact me is through my helpdesk. Please go to my helpdesk here.

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